Smart City Maps: Current Work Done in Dokki Region

13 Dec 2017
11:30 - 12:00
Main Hall

Smart City Maps: Current Work Done in Dokki Region

GM. Mohsen Kamal El-Shoura

GUDC Manager


GDUC is the only one in Giza governorate to produce the infrastructure maps (metadata and underfloor) to be made available to engineering consulting offices when preparing feasibility studies for large and huge projects in order to choose the most suitable engineering design that does not interfere with the pathways of the invisible facilities under the surface of the earth, saving lives and saving time and effort and money. The talk will tackle GUDC mission to produce smart information maps that include interconnected databases (statistics, images and panoramic videos), as well as information on utility networks that allow the user to make the decision. In addition, it will highlight GUDC challenges to accomplish its mission including:

1-  Rapid development of GIS programs and database programs and their high cost.
2 – The high cost of equipment used in the detection of utility.
3 – The absence of devices for the detection of utility lines made of plastic or concrete.
4 – Lack of legislation in relation to the preservation of the infrastructure of the risk of random excavation.