Developing IoT Applications for Smart Cities using IoT AEPs

13 Dec 2017
15:30 - 18:30
Hall 4

Developing IoT Applications for Smart Cities using IoT AEPs

Bassem Boshra

Goals and objectives

A hands-on session on developing IoT Applications for Smart Cities. The content is targeting audience with various technical levels including technology executives as well as technology professionals and programmers with hands on experience.  we will start by exploring the IoT application for smart cities and then we will build up one or two of the applications (street lighting and parking) during the session.

Topics/content covered in the session:

  1. IoT infrastructure and Applications expected in a smart city.
  2. Various city use cases including (Street lighting, Parking Management, Garbage collection, Public Address announcement, etc.).
  3. Overview of IoT AEP (Application Enablement Platform) and its main components.
  4. Expectations from a true IoT AEP
  5. Getting your Hands on IoT AEP.
  6. Developing Parking management application
  7. Developing Street lighting application.


IoT, Smart Cities, IoT AEP


To attend this session, you are expected to bring your own devices (an Android smartphone with a 3G internet connection and a laptop with Chrome browser) to practice the hands-on part.